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mining, oil & gas
olympic dam


Roxby Downs, SA

2007 – 2012


project overview

Olympic Dam is 560kms north of Adelaide in South Australia and is one of the world’s most significant deposits of copper, gold, silver and uranium.

Ertech completed several projects for BHP at the site including the Evaporation Pond 5, Evaporation Pond 2 Lift, Tailings Storage Facility Cell 5 and the Contractors Village Earthworks.


Evaporation Pond 5
Construction of Evaporation Pond 5 including:

  • 32Ha clearing and topsoil stripping;
  • 40,000m3 cut to fill;
  • 420,000m3 borrow to fill;
  • 180,000m3 cut to spoil;
  • 250,000m2 of clay and 1.5mm HDPE lining;
  • 2 access platform structures;
  • 2,500m of HDPE liquor pipelines;
  • 2 pig launching stations;
  • 2 pig launching receiving stations;
  • 50,000m2 pavement construction;
  • Installation of 4 safety showers;
  • 2,600m security fencing.

Evaporation Pond 2 Lift
Increase the capacity of Evaporation Pond 2 by lifting the embankment including:

  • 180,000m3 embankment construction;
  • 17,000m2 clay and HDPE liner construction;
  • One access platform structure;
  • 8,500m3 rock armour;
  • 2,500m security fence;
  • Construction of access roads;
  • HDPE liquor pipelines;
  • Installation of a safety shower.

Tailings Storage Facility Cell 5
Construct the tailings storage facility cell 5 (TSF5) and the distribution system including:

  • 2,700,000m2 clearing and grubbing;
  • 2,500,000m2 topsoil stripping;
  • 2,200,000m3 excavation of sand;
  • 800,000m2 strip to embankment fill;
  • 150,000m3 clay fill;
  • 150,000m2 roads;
  • Decant underdrainage system;
  • Rock fill;
  • Valve station foundation;
  • 42,300m2 of 1.5mm HDPE liner;
  • Supply and install Lysimeter;
  • Widen and upgrade haul roads;
  • 6km HDPE ring main piping and pipe supports;
  • Ramp valve stations;
  • 7km HDPE lined steel pipe;
  • Lighting and general power.

Contractors Village Earthworks
Earthworks for the Contractors Village to support Phase One of the Olympic Dam Expansion Project including:

  • Site establishments;
  • Clear and grub;
  • Contractors Village bulk earthworks;
  • Roxby Downs Substation bulk earthworks;
  • Relocation of the potable water supply line around the Village area;
  • Major drainage for the Contractors Village and Roxby Downs Substation;
  • 10,000m3 turkeys nest construction;
  • 36km HDPE PN16 pipework – 125mm and 280mm;
  • 84ha clear and grub;
  • 128,000m3 topsoil;
  • 205,000m3 cut to fill.
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