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gorgon project

Chevron Australia

Barrow Island, WA

2009 – 2020

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Gorgon Project
project overview

Ertech has been a major service provider to Chevron Australia’s Gorgon Project for over ten years. Gorgon comprises a three-train, 15.6 million tonnes per annum LNG facility and a domestic gas plant and is one of the world’s largest LNG projects. Located on Barrow Island, off the coast of Western Australia, the island is a Class A Nature Reserve.

Ertech’s involvement with the Gorgon Project has included the Barrow Island Airport upgrade, camp demolition, earthworks, civil services, general services, a Reverse Osmosis plant and a current three-year contract for civil and earthworks services due for completion in 2021.


Site Development and WAPET Landing
Develop site infrastructure and construct a WAPET Landing including:

  • Preparation of the 22Ha site for the construction village;
  • Crushing over 500,000t of pavement materials;
  • Construction of 300,000m2 of sealed roads;
  • Erection of 4 communications towers;
  • Civil works;
  • Design and installation of transportable office, ablution and crib facilities including all mechanical, electrical, potable and wastewater services.

Fuel Farm
Design, manufacture, supply, assembly and commissioning of 8 x 110,000kl diesel fuel farm tanks as part of the WAPET Landing including:

  • Construction of all civil and foundation works;
  • Design, supply, procurement, installation and commissioning of 4 double-walled 65,000 litre diesel import and storage and dispensing tanks;
  • Earthworks;
  • Concrete foundations.

Reverse Osmosis Plant
Design and installation of a 1 million litre per day (1ML/day) Reverse Osmosis (RO) Plant as part of the WAPET Landing including:

  • Civil works (earthworks and concrete)’
  • Installation of a pre-packaged wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) including mechanical and electrical installation;
  • Supply and installation of 20km of HDPE pipe, up to 315mm in diameter;
  • Construction and HDPE lining of bridging utilities area to accommodate bridging RO plant, 1 ML/day RO plant, two additional 700kl/day RO plants and various fuel storage facilities.

Bob’s Beach Berthing Structure
Civil and marine construction works including submerging a barge at Bob’s Beach to provide an additional material offloading point as part of the WAPET Landing including:

  • Seabed Pad – levelling of barge landing area and placement of secondary armour up to the barge;
  • Earthen Ramp – construction of a roadway and earthen ramp;
  • Road – filled, graded and trimmed road alignment, cement stabilised for a depth of 150mm.

General Services Contract
All management, supervision, labour, materials, loading, transporting, unloading, construction plant, equipment tools, consumables, normal and cyclone moorings and all other things necessary for miscellaneous construction and maintenance activities including:

  • GBB Mechanical Ramp;
  • Triangle Borrow Pit restoration;
  • LNG construction site drainage modification;
  • Maintenance of unsealed roads, supply and installation of culverts at road crossings and road improvements;
  • Various other services.
Gorgon Project

Airport Upgrade
Upgrade of the existing airport to meet CASA standards including:

  • Mobilisation of a 160TPH mobile asphalt plant including paving, spraying, profiling and haulage equipment;
  • Production and placement of 28,000t of asphalt;
  • Excavation and construction 2 No 20m x 20m concrete aprons;
  • Upgrade drainage works to the apron area.

Camp Demolition, Earthworks & Civils
Demolition of over 700 modular temporary building units including construction facilities and the removal of all underground services including:

  • Demobilisation, demolition and relocation of accommodation facilities and temporary construction facilities;
  • Disconnection, removal and termination of rerouting of electrical communications, water and sewer services;
  • Design and construction of road and drainage infrastructure;
  • Decommissioning and isolation of client-owned temporary construction facilities, accommodation units and ancillary structures;
  • Degassing of 2000 air conditioning units, water chillers, ice machines and drinking fountains;
  • Operation and maintenance of a concrete batching plant and large volume concrete works.

Provision of Civil and Earthworks Services (Current Project)
Provision of all civil and earthworks including:

  • General civil works including maintenance of the road network, installation and repair of underground drainage, provision of engineering support, provision of equipment and operators;
  • Concrete, including all facets of batch plant operation, pre-cast and in-situ foundations;
  • Other road maintenance;
  • Yard maintenance;
  • Miscellaneous earthworks including bulk material haulage and handling.
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