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mining, oil & gas

Ertech has been providing civil construction services to the mining, oil & gas and resources industry since the 1990’s. We recognise the value and importance the industry has within Australia, in terms of employment and economic growth, particularly in regional Australia.

We understand the harsh conditions and logistical challenges of working in remote locations within Australia and the constraints these locations bring. From sourcing local goods and services to managing safety and environmental issues, Ertech has been at the forefront of civil construction for the sector for decades.

Throughout our history we have delivered projects including access roads, wharf construction, tailings dams and storage facilities, accommodation villages and other non-process infrastructure. We have successfully delivered large-scale projects including pipelines, aerodrome construction and various site services involving decommissioning construction villages, civil construction maintenance and general services. Our teams have the ability to scale up or down depending on the project’s requirements.

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