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south capel remediation

Iluka Resources

Capel, WA



South Capel Remediation
project overview

The South Capel Remediation Project involved the removal and relocation of waste material from a decommissioned dam at the Capel dry plant and identified decommissioned dams at the South Capel site to a purpose-built facility.

scope of works

The project involved an array of different earthworks activities with over approximately 850,000m3 of material relocated. The site had an area of by-product from the mining process that required containment to ensure no contamination of the groundwater in the area. To achieve this, the team took all the by-product material and placed it into the Hutton Road Containment Facility extension. The material was then placed a minimum of two metres above the groundwater table.

The team installed over 190,000m2 of Bituminous Geomembrane Liner (BGM) which stops water infiltrating through the material to make its way down to the groundwater table when it rains. With the liner covering the facility, rainwater runs off the facility and down into drainage infrastructure to keep the material dry and the groundwater uncontaminated.

The scope of works included:

  • Bulk earthworks;
  • Remediation;
  • BGM liner installation;
  • Capping earthworks;
  • External landform;
  • Demolition works;
  • Removal of redundant utilities;
  • Drainage infrastructure;
  • Decommissioning of the existing production and monitoring bores.

“The Ertech team were good to work with and managed the project extremely well and delivered the project safely, on time and within budget.” – Senior Rehabilitation Specialist Processing, Iluka Resources.

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