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gocup road upgrade

Roads & Maritime Services (RMS)

Tumut, NSW

2017 – 2019


project overview

Gocup Road is a 31km, two-lane rural road from the Snowy Mountains Highway at Tumut to the Hume Highway at Gundagai. The project involved extensive earthworks, construction of two overtaking lanes, widening and realigning the road, installation of new pavements, drainage structures, safety barriers and two permanent bus stops along a 5.4km section of Gocup Road.

Ertech’s contract included the realignment of the Halfway Hill and Doctors Hill sections on Gocup Road, from 16.2km to 22.1km north of Tumut and a partial early works section (Cookoomooroo) on Gocup Road from 26.32km to 26.73km north of Tumut.

scope of works

The scope of works included:

  • Widening of the road;
  • Improving vertical and horizontal alignment;
  • Installing overtaking lanes and safety barriers;
  • Strengthening sections of the road surface to withstand heavy vehicles;
  • Construction of extensive drainage structures and heavy-duty pavements;
  • Over 350,000m3 excavation;
  • Environmental protection;
  • Soil and water management;
  • Clearing and grubbing;
  • Stormwater drainage and headwalls (1,200m);
  • Kerbs and gutters (5,700m);
  • Open drains and rock pitching;
  • Bulk earthworks (338,000m3 cut to fill);
  • Unbound, modified and heavily bound pavement (25,000m3);
  • Stabilisation works (400m3);
  • Sprayed bituminous surfacing (95,000m2);
  • Asphalt (13,700t);
  • Safety barriers (3,100m);
  • Signposting, road furniture and line marking;
  • Topsoiling, hydromulching (196,000m2);
  • Fencing (6,600m);
  • Blasting (10,000m3).
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