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mining, oil & gas
wheatstone project

Chevron Australia

Onslow, WA

2013 – 2018

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Wheatstone Project
project overview

The Chevron-operated Wheatstone project is located at Ashburton north, 12km west of Onslow in WA. The Wheatstone project consists of two lNG trains with a combined capacity of 8.9 million tonnes per annum and a domestic gas plant.

Ertech has been awarded several contracts to perform civil construction works since 2013 including general site services, roadworks and earthworks.


Construction Village РBuilding, Utilities, Roadworks and Earthworks 
Road and earthworks services to the 3,800 bed camp including:

  • Kerbing;
  • Supply and installation of signage and line marking;
  • Supply and installation of bollards and metal guardrails;
  • Installation of footpaths and pram ramps.

General Services 3 Contract
Piping works, concrete works and miscellaneous works including:

Piping Works:

  • All permanent underground plant piping and cathodic protection;
  • Marine outfall pipeline and main utility infrastructure pipeline corridor;
  • Trains 1, 2 underground fire mains & common corridor flushing and drying;
  • DOMGAS Metering Station / Domestic Gas Temporary Fire & Gas Detection System;
  • Installation and turnover of underground fuel gas line.

Concrete Works:

  • Storm water catch basins & culverts ; quarantine fencing footings; fire hydrant platforms; duct bank road crossings; and CCTV & light pole footings.

Miscellaneous Works:

  • Installation and maintenance of temporary building, fencing for site boundaries and borrow pits; traffic signage, road side delineators and maintenance of road markings;
  • Maintenance of generator, fire extinguisher and lighting plant equipment; all temporary substations and construction power network;
  • General carpentry works – fabricating access stairways, tables, desks and shelving;
  • General earthworks – civil support for electrical works and general road maintenance;
  • Electrical works – installations for all facilities supporting site construction activities; LOTO isolations;
  • Eradication of mesquite and vector rodent and insect control site wide;
  • Site dewatering/clean up after cyclones/rain events;
  • Sampling and testing of potable water site wide;
  • Traffic management to assist with module movements;
  • Warehouse construction;
  • Water treatment plant upgrades.

Operation and Maintenance Works:

  • Assets providing drinking water, construction water and wastewater treatment and operation;
  • Desalination plants – capable of producing 6M L of fresh water per day;
  • Remineralisation plants – capable of making 2M L of desalinated water to drinking water;
  • Wastewater treatment plants – capable of treating 1.5M L of wastewater produced at construction camps;
  • Wastewater discharge outfall pipeline – disposal of 8M L per day of brine and treated wastewater;
  • Servicing and emergency maintenance of facilities that contain water chillers and ice machines;
  • Supply of water and ice to concrete batch plant;
  • Build, operate and maintain fuel farms.

Miscellaneous Site Services
Miscellaneous site works, project management and services coordination including:

  • Planning, executing, monitoring and controlling construction activities;
  • Supply of plant and people resources to meet schedule;
  • Management of subcontractors and procurement.

Removal of Temporary Roads
Rehabilitation works to remove temporary roads including:

  • Safe excavation of approximately 240,000 cubic metres of general and granular fill materials, rock protection batter, base and sub-base materials;
  • Transport of the excavated materials to designated locations in the vicinity and placing in segregated stockpiles;
  • Removal and disposal off-site of geotextile, geo-web and HDPE culverts.
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