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environmental & remediation
cosgrove 3 landfill

Greater Shepparton City Council

Cosgrove, VIC

2017 & 2019


Cosgrove 3 Landfill
project overview

The Greater Shepparton City Council had been planning the development of the Cosgrove 3 Landfill within an existing unused quarry for a number of years. An integral part of the development was the need to excise the area for the landfill from the quarry area to allow a transition into a modern landfill site.

Ertech completed two projects for the Council; the first contract for $8.2M in 2017 was to undertake all site preparation, clearing and earthworks for the facility. The second contract for $4.5M was awarded in 2019 to complete construction of infrastructure including roads, a weighbridge and other associated infrastructure.

scope of works

The scope of works for the landfill project included:

  • Load, haul and stockpile existing recycled concrete material (55,000SCM);
  • Clearing, topsoil stripping and environmental protection to stockpiling areas;
  • Drill and blast; load, haul and stockpile all rock material (780,000BCM);
  • Preparation of subgrade levels for future landfill cell construction;
  • Construction of access ramps for the future landfill facility.

The scope of works for the infrastructure project included:

  • Entrance works and road widening along Cosgrove-Lemnos Road;
  • Internal sealed road access to the Landfill Cell;
  • Other internal roadways;
  • Carpark for staff and visitors;
  • Weighbridge, inspection platform and associated infrastructure;
  • Quarantine / Emergency Management area;
  • Site Offices and Education Centre with associated amenities;
  • Plant / Machinery Shed;
  • Wheel wash and wheel bath facilities;
  • Stormwater drainage and retention basin;
  • Automated security gate access;
  • Internal power supply, associated street lighting and CCTV system;
  • Water reticulation;
  • Firefighting facilities including pumps, tanks and associated pipework;
  • Landscaping.
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