Indigenous Engagement

Our group of companies has a long history of working collaboratively with local Indigenous people, organisations and communities in locations across Australia.

We are market leaders in the provision of outstanding regional infrastructure and pride ourselves on these positive and lasting improvements to local areas and communities. The Group's Indigenous Engagement and Development framework comprises of five key elements, these include:

  • Leadership - Leading a genuine commitment to the long-term enhancement of prospects for Indigenous people
  • Cultural Awareness - Establishing a work environment that is welcoming, respectful and understanding of indigenous people and culture
  • Economic Empowerment - Working with Indigenous businesses to develop capability and enhance economic prospects of Indigenous owned businesses
  • Employment, Training and Skills Development - Assisting Indigenous people in developing “work readiness” skills. Providing on-the-job training for semi-skilled labour and providing individuals with the opportunity to undertake formal training and/or apprenticeships
  • Community Engagement - Building positive and meaningful relationships with Indigenous communities

Our commitment to Indigenous Engagement and Development has been recognised by Industry, and we have received the following awards:

  • Schools First Award for WA in conjunction with Clontarf Aboriginal College (2011)
  • Indigenous Trainer of the Year award (2010)