Urban Renewal

Broome North


Broome North is an exciting new development that will provide housing, business opportunities and community facilities for the future expansion of the town.

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Fast Facts

Location: Broome

Start: May 2010

Peak Workforce: 115

Completion: Ongoing



The 2010 Broome North contract included the development of four residential stages (187 lots), two industrial stages (30 lots) and the upgrade of Gubinge Road (MRWA Road)
Following completion of the 2010 Broome North projects, Ertech and LandCorp established a "wet season" contract to provide ongoing work for local indigenous employees which included preliminary clearing of road reserves to facilitate sewer and water installation. The return of Broome's dry season saw the development of 44 residential lots within stages 6 and 7 of Warranyjarri Estate as well as provisions for the future town centre development (commercial and residential). A similar project to the "wet season" works was also awarded to clear road alignments and install 1.25km of sewerage and 1.7km of mains water reticulation before the onset of the next wet season


  • Working through the wet season constructing sewer and water pipelines
  • Planned and implemented LandCorp's first significant Aboriginal Participation Program with the Ertech Construction Academy Broome Campus
  • Ertech employed an "Indigenous Development Program Manager" for this project


  • Ertech's largest land development project at the time
  • The Broome Aboriginal Participation Program
  • Finalist for the CCF Earth Award 2010
  • Working around culturally sensitive and heritage artefacts without disturbance
  • Building relationships with local west kimberley businesses, authorities and indigenous groups