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New Project Win! Block 10 Raw Water Tank Construction

Ertech has secured another project with WaterNSW for works at the Block 10 Water Tank as part of the Wentworth to Broken Hill Pipeline Project.

The project is for the Early Works to Block 10 Raw Water Tank No. 2 which requires a DN100mm fibro pipeline delivering raw water to Railway Town to be removed to allow the construction of a new tank. Ertech will provide a temporary line to maintain supply during construction of the new raw water tank and will construct the tank base, whilst another Contractor builds the tank. Ertech will then connect and commission the entire works.

Other works will include:

  • Supply, installation and commissioning of the MSCL pipe;
  • Provision of water for the testing of the new tank;
  • Supply, installation and commissioning of a connection from the inlet/outlet main to the raw water;
  • Form, pour and cure the base slab including the ring beam, sump and rebate in accordance with the drawings;
  • Supply and installation of a fence;
  • Provision of an embankment;
  • Extension of the overflow pipeline from the new raw water tank.

The project is due to begin in October 2019 with works taking place over a six-month period to finish around March 2020. Congratulations to the team on continuing our relationship with WaterNSW!

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