Koolyanobbing Iron Ore Upgrade

Onyx Projects

Ertech was engaged by Onyx Projects to provide earthworks and concrete services to upgrade their iron ore plant at Koolyanobbing.

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Fast Facts

Location: Koolyanobbing, WA

Start: Aug 2009

Completion: June 2010

Note: This project was undertaken by FormAction, a 100% subsidiary of Ertech Holdings. This business capability is now integrated into Ertech’s service offering.


The Koolyanobbing Iron Ore Upgrade project included the construction of a new ROM pad which involved approximately 100,000 tonnes of earth to create a reinforced earth retaining wall totalling over 800m² in area.

Ertech also undertook the construction of footings, slabs and supports for:

  • Four new conveyor lines
  • A new primary crusher
  • Truck stop
  • Primary screenings and secondary crusher, and

This totalled 1300m3 of concrete and 225 tonnes of steel reinforcement.

Special Points of Interest

  • The scope of concrete construction increased by 25% during the project and Ertech was able to deliver the project within the original time frame.