Ertech secures Cosgrove 3 Landfill Precinct Project

Ertech has secured a contract with Greater Shepparton City Council for the Cosgrove 3 Subgrade Excavation and Engineered Fill Construction Works at the Cosgrove Landfill Precinct in Victoria.

The Greater Shepparton City Council has for a number of years been planning the development of the Cosgrove 3 Landfill within an existing unused quarry. An integral part of the development of the Cosgrove 3 Landfill was the need to excise the area for the landfill from the quarry area to allow a transition into a modern landfill site.

The works consist of:

  • Load, haul & stockpile existing recycled concrete material
  • Clearing, topsoil stripping and environmental protection to stockpiling areas
  • Drill & blast, load, haul and stockpile all rock material
  • Preparation of subgrade levels for future landfill cell construction
  • Construction of access ramps for the future landfill facility
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