Dawson system expands Ertech's capabilities

The Dawson Pile Capping Soffit Deck System has been added to Ertech’s suite of services, enhancing the range of capabilities our business offers to Clients. 

Highly flexible and suitable for a variety of installations, the Dawson Pile Capping System is a suspended formwork system that can attach to both sheet and tubular piles and is an extremely efficient aid for the construction of capping beams.

Ertech is the first business in Australia to offer the engineered proprietary system, recently utilising it to complete the construction of 107m of 1.1m x 0.6m to 0.97m thick capping beam - with both vertical and horizontal changes of direction - at the business’s Preston Point Wharf project in East Fremantle.

The benefits of the Dawson Pile Capping System include:

  • Wastage reduction
  • Reduced construction costs
  • Enables faster construction
  • Flexible to accommodate a variety of situations
  • Minimises safety risks
  • No specialist welding or burning steelwork modifications required
  • No specialist scaffolding required
  • No major temporary works schemes
  • Same system reused for various piling systems and pile pitches

The Dawson Pile Capping System – which requires trained installers to meet regulatory and safety requirements – can be wet-hired by contractors.

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