Ertech awarded the Gap Ridge Village Camp Decommissioning Contract in Karratha

Ertech has been awarded a contract with Woodside Energy Limited for the Gap Ridge Village Camp Decommissioning in Karratha.

This project is for the decommissioning and rehabilitation of the camp site in Karratha. The camp consists of 2,133 rooms and all of the associated central facilities.

The work will include:

  • Demolition of GRV including the removal of all above and below ground facilities and services
  • Remove all materials from site
  • Where possible recycle and/or reuse materials (Ertech’s target for recycling is 95%)
  • Rehabilitation of the site 

The client has encouraged the use of innovative recycling techniques and salvage recovery to reduce the environmental impact of the project. The client also strongly supports indigenous involvement including all the subcontractors we engage and will monitor the project closely to ensure targets are met.                   

Ertech were successful in winning this project in a competitive tender process from five main contractors.  To achieve this, Ertech demonstrated both commercial and technical capabilities.



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