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Exmouth Boat Harbour Upgrade Marine Structures and Civil Works

Department of Transport

Ertech was contracted to construct upgrades of marine structures and civil works at the Exmouth Boat Harbour.

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Fast Facts

Location: Exmouth, WA

Contract Value: $11.5M

Start: June 2016

Completion: June 2017


Exmouth Boat Harbour is one of the Department of Transports busiest maritime facilities. Work on the Exmouth Boat Harbour upgrade was made possible by Royalties for Regions investment of $18.275 million.

The Exmouth Boat Harbour upgrade project consisted of a major upgrade to the service wharf, including construction of a heavy lift facility, cyclone moorings and associated land-side wharf infrastructure.

Ertech’s contract for Stage 2 works included:

Marine structures

  • Extension of the existing service wharf by 94m including construction of a 40m heavy lift zone for crane lifts
  • Reconfiguration of the existing cyclone mooring system to make way for the new wharf extension
  • Construction of four new trawler pens and demolition of the existing trawler pens to make way for the new wharf extension
  • Breakwater works
  • Raising of the existing southern breakwater to provide adequate protection to vessels in the new trawler pens during storm events.

Civil works

  • Construction of heavy duty hardstand pavement behind the new wharf extension
  • Reconstruction of the harbour access road
  • Sealing of the fuel farm access road
  • Installation of wharf and hardstand drainage
  • Services to the new wharf and trawler pens including power, lighting, potable water, fire water, communications


  • Ertech offered an alternative method for the piling installation which involved roto-piling (spinning) the pile in with a very small annulus remaining which was then grouted. This reduced the program by six weeks (10%).